Monday, 27 February 2012

Our Filming

Our group went out and did our filming on the Saturday 25th February. Unfortunately we only had a short amount of time to use the location but we were able to get our filming done. Each member of our group had a chance to film and we referred to our storyboard quite frequently. We also filmed a lot of extra footage so that for the editing process we have back up and different clips that we can choose from. Overall our filming went really well and we feel that we will not need to go and film anymore, but we will keep it in mind that we might find we have to shoot more during the editing process.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Stage directions for main task.

Zoe is woken up by Louis the dog licking her face, sits up, starts walking round the living room.

(FLASHBACK- of everyone partying in the living room.)

Zoe is surprised at her memory, looks round the room and starts walking to the kitchen.
Walks into the kitchen, sees her friend Zeba asleep on breakfast bar, with hash brownies.

(FLASHBACK- of Zeba 'stuffing' her face with hash bownies.)

Starts walking out of the kitchen into the corridor, turns left.
Finds her friend Nat asleep on the toilet floor.

(FLASHBACK- of Nat possing, drunk, in the bathroom.)

Walks back out into the corridor, moves towards stairs.
Sees her frind Paisley asleep on the stairs.
Walks up the stairs, turns left to her bedroom.
Sees her two friends Kaya and Dean asleep on the bed together.

(FLASHBACK- of Kaya and Dean making out in the bedroom.)

Walks out into the corridor then into the bathroom.
Looks around, looks into the sink then up at the mirror.
She notices the picture on the mirror, grabs picture and looks at it.

(FLASHBACK- of the night before with the whole group partying in the living room.)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Permission to use 'Our Way' by Christina Novelli.

This is an email we recieved from Christina Novelli's manager giving our group permission to use her song 'Our Way' for our film opening.

I am Christina Novelli's manager. Thank-you for your request to use "Our Way" in your
video project.

I am pleased to confirm that you can use the track for your project.

Best wishes,

Rob King.

Rob King


T: 01782-911153

M: +447788812310



Monday, 6 February 2012

Main Task- Storyboard.

This is our storyboard showin each shot that will be included in our opening, we have also shown the timing for each frame and givien detail on what transition the frame will make to get to the next frame.

Main Task - Film Pitch.

                               This is our film pitch to show our planning and research and our overall concept.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Christina Novelli 'Our Way'.

'Our Way' by Christina Novelli is the music we would like to use for our main task. We would like to use this music because it is fun, enigetic and aimed at a young audience. We are currently contacting the artist for permission to use her music. We chose to use Christina Novelli's music because she is an unsigned British artist.