Thursday, 24 November 2011

Comedy film opening- research for main task.

I have chosen these following comedy openings because there are many aspects that I find very interesting and would like to try for our main task.

Opening credits from Austin Powers - Goldmember.

Even though this is a comedy opening, at first it seems to be an action film opening as it has fast pace music, quick jump cuts and close-up shots of the protagonist being run down by the helicopter or antagonist. It is not until 0:34 were the comedy begins to be dropped in with mise-en-scene such as the Union Jack Jaguar with the number plate 'SHAGUAR' and the very 60s style clothing of the main character.

The main comedic part of the opening is at 1:49 when the characters are portrayed by very well known actors such as Tom Cruise as Austin Powers and Danny Devito as Mini Me. This is very comedic as the viewers instantly know that these are not the actual actors for the roles and it is almost as if the beginning scene was ultimately there to trick the viewer.

I am really interested in how the titles appear next to the 'fake' actors, telling you there real name and character name and i would like to try this with our main task.


Opening credits from Johnny English

I have looked at this film opening because I like the way that the transition from one shot to the next is used by a dip into the two colours that are constantly on the screen. The comedic effect is instantly put in at 0:08 with the protagonist Johnny English strangling a coat rack. 

The overall sound for this is non-diegetic with the sound track sometimes being over layed with dialogue from Johnny English. I like this idea of focusing on the music for the opening and would like to try it for our main task.

Through out the opening Johnny English goes through very funny situations that hint to the viewers that he is some sort of spy. The titles wipe in at different areas of the screen but do not distract you from the main action.

Monday, 3 October 2011

preliminary task- story board.

This is my groups story board. It shows a woman (photographer) enter a room and exchange some dialogue with another woman who is sat in a dark room. They then exchangee some photos and the scene ends.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Preliminary task. My groups concept and script.

Inside a dark room. Red lighting. Shaot captures first person waiting and taping fingers on table. Scene moves to outside of dark room. Second person walks to door and opens it. The camera captures person two walking through the door from the dark room. Scene moves to watch the two people exchange photos of an actor. Person two picks up pictures and walks out.


  • person 1- 'sighs' (tapping fingers).
  • person 2- (rushes in and excidedly drops her bag on the floor) 'have you got them?'
  • person 1 - 'Finally......Of course i have them.'
  • person 2 - 'Good, let me see, let me see.'
  • person 1-(pushes photos across table to show person 2.)
  • person2- ' Oh......My......God....... you've got them!'

Useful Media studies definitions and key words.

  • Match on action- cut from one shot to the another view that matches the action and pace of the first shot.
  • Shot reverse shot- Term for the conventional way of shooting an exchange between two characters in a film or television programme.
  • 180 degree rule- This is an imaginary line that the camera must not cross unless you want to break theflow of the scene and dosorientate the viewer.
  • Ambient (natural) lighting.
  • Mise-on-scene- consider everything that is in the frame.
  • close-up and mid-shots to show emotion. (Widely used in soap operas).
  • Verissimilitude- the film tries to recreate reality.

Preliminary task:-

Continuity task involving filming and editing a character opening a door, crossign a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character,with whom she/he then exchanges a couple of lines of dialogue. This task should demonstrate match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180-degree rule.

My preliminary task group-
  • Zeba.
  • Sonia.
  • Kaya.