Thursday, 29 March 2012

Final editing.

We have now finished our editing process for the main task. We have created our titles, showing the actors and crew. We have also managed to put the music onto the footage and altered it so that it doesn't drown out the sound of the camera flash when the still images appear on screen. Finally we have added some last minute transitions such as a Cross fade so that the footage doesn't look so jumpy. I think we have done well today and we have been able to export our film on to quick time movie so that it is ready to put onto Youtube and post onto our blogs.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


We have had a small problem with our music for our film as 'Our Way' by Christina Novelli was removed from youtube and is unavailable from iTunes. However we were able to contact her manager:

Hi there my mate sent you a email and this is want you sent back. 
I am Christina Novelli's manager. Thank-you for your request to use "Our Way" in your
video project.
I am pleased to confirm that you can use the track for your project.
Best wishes,
Rob King.  
They were very pleased with this but however they are unable to get the song on iTunes or YouTube anymore. Is there any possibility that you could email the mp3 file, or know anywhere else they could get the music from.
Thank you for taking your time to read this, many thanks.
Zoe Tandy
The manager then contacted us back:
Hi Zoe,
I have attached the MP3 of 'Our Way' by Christina Novelli, for you, to this email.
I am happy to let you use the track for your project as mentioned in the previous e-mail. However, you must not upload, use or give the track to anyone else, for any other reason than the agreed project. I hope this helps, and i would love to see your finished project!
Good luck,
Best wishes,
This has helped greatly and we are putting the music on our film next lesson, so that we can then do the finish touches and if need be match the video to the tempo of the track.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Editing process.

Today in our lesson we have  been able to accomplish a lot. We have speed up some of our footage so that is seems more dizzy and comical, we have also found a way to put our still images on a white boarder to make them look more like snap shots. So far our footage is at a total of 2 minutes 30, so we do need to cut it down by quite a bit. However we feel that  there is some things missing  and some parts can be quite slow and boring so we are going to try and take some more still images to slot into the longer clips and we have also filmed a variety of shot angels that we are importing. We are hoping to get our music onto an MP3 file as soon as possible so that we can match the footage with the tempo of the song.  We have also started to experiment with adding titles to get an idea on which ones we would like to use in the end.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Still images for flash backs in our film.

Scene of last nights party.
Scene of character drinking in toilet.
These are the images that we are using for our flashbacks in our film. We have decided to edit them using photo shop to make them much darker so that it looks like they are from the night before. They are in chronological order and will appear on the screen with a flash and the sound of a camera flash. We have figured out how to do this on Final Cut Pro from watching a tutorial on Youtube. We did this by selecting Dip to colour dissolve in the effects tab and then placing it at the beginning of the still image. We then changed the flash to white instead of black and increased the time to 3 seconds. To get the sound effect we went to finder, music and typed in camera, it then came up with camera sound effects and we chose camera shutter and draged it onto our time line just under our footage at the same time as the flash effect.
Scene of character eating hash brownies

Scene of couple in bedroom.

scene of last nights party which will appear at the end of the opening.