Thursday, 29 September 2011

Preliminary task. My groups concept and script.

Inside a dark room. Red lighting. Shaot captures first person waiting and taping fingers on table. Scene moves to outside of dark room. Second person walks to door and opens it. The camera captures person two walking through the door from the dark room. Scene moves to watch the two people exchange photos of an actor. Person two picks up pictures and walks out.


  • person 1- 'sighs' (tapping fingers).
  • person 2- (rushes in and excidedly drops her bag on the floor) 'have you got them?'
  • person 1 - 'Finally......Of course i have them.'
  • person 2 - 'Good, let me see, let me see.'
  • person 1-(pushes photos across table to show person 2.)
  • person2- ' Oh......My......God....... you've got them!'

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