Monday, 30 January 2012

Evaluation of preliminary task.

For our preliminary task we had to explore the skills of match-on-action, shot/reverse shot and the 180 degree rule. We started off by planning our concept and script. We looked at the many ideas for our footage and eventually chose to film in the dark room which would tie into our theme of a photographer who is late for a private meeting. We kept our script basic and short. However, during our filming process we did change a few of the lines and add some so that it was longer and told more of the story.

For our first scene, of the photographer walking quickly to her destination, we used a long shot to show the scene. However the opening scene does not really set the scene and it is only when the dialouge is exchangd that you start to understand the plot. We have then used a panning shot following the character opening and walking through the door, then cutting to the inside of the room. Our editing has worked really well and there is a nice continuity to the character entering the room.

Unfortunatly we did not shoot enough footage and for our editing in one of the scenes (of the character walking  towards the table then standing next to the table) there is a jump because of the lack of footage. We were also unable to shoot and shot/reverse shot. From this we have learnt that we have to have plenty of footage and to time our filming process so that we are not run short of filming time.

In our final clip there is a lot of unwanted of screen sound from classrooms and people in the background. For the future we now know that we could either edit it out using final cut pro  or use a location that is a quiet working environment.

Our quality of the footage is also 'fuzzy' and a little pixelated, so we have decided thjat filming in a darker room was  not such a good idea and that these areas are quite hard to film in. If we wanted to try this again we could use better, high quality cameras and introduce some interesting and dramatic lighting.

For our mise-en-scene we wanted to keep it simple and only hint that the main character is a photographer by having her wear a camera around her neck. We also hinted thst the second charater is a photographer by having her in a dark room where you produce photos. We also had some photos exchanged during one of the scenes.

In conclusion, i think that we have learn a lot from this filming process and we now know how to plan properly for our film, get the right and enough footage, how to edit our clip using final cut pro and how to do the simple methods of match-on-action, shot/reverse shot and the 180 degree rule. We also think  that our clip was good but we are able to understand were we went wrong and what we could do to ake it even better in the future and we will use this for our main task.

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