Monday, 5 March 2012

Still images for flash backs in our film.

Scene of last nights party.
Scene of character drinking in toilet.
These are the images that we are using for our flashbacks in our film. We have decided to edit them using photo shop to make them much darker so that it looks like they are from the night before. They are in chronological order and will appear on the screen with a flash and the sound of a camera flash. We have figured out how to do this on Final Cut Pro from watching a tutorial on Youtube. We did this by selecting Dip to colour dissolve in the effects tab and then placing it at the beginning of the still image. We then changed the flash to white instead of black and increased the time to 3 seconds. To get the sound effect we went to finder, music and typed in camera, it then came up with camera sound effects and we chose camera shutter and draged it onto our time line just under our footage at the same time as the flash effect.
Scene of character eating hash brownies

Scene of couple in bedroom.

scene of last nights party which will appear at the end of the opening.

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