Wednesday, 28 March 2012


We have had a small problem with our music for our film as 'Our Way' by Christina Novelli was removed from youtube and is unavailable from iTunes. However we were able to contact her manager:

Hi there my mate sent you a email and this is want you sent back. 
I am Christina Novelli's manager. Thank-you for your request to use "Our Way" in your
video project.
I am pleased to confirm that you can use the track for your project.
Best wishes,
Rob King.  
They were very pleased with this but however they are unable to get the song on iTunes or YouTube anymore. Is there any possibility that you could email the mp3 file, or know anywhere else they could get the music from.
Thank you for taking your time to read this, many thanks.
Zoe Tandy
The manager then contacted us back:
Hi Zoe,
I have attached the MP3 of 'Our Way' by Christina Novelli, for you, to this email.
I am happy to let you use the track for your project as mentioned in the previous e-mail. However, you must not upload, use or give the track to anyone else, for any other reason than the agreed project. I hope this helps, and i would love to see your finished project!
Good luck,
Best wishes,
This has helped greatly and we are putting the music on our film next lesson, so that we can then do the finish touches and if need be match the video to the tempo of the track.

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