Thursday, 15 March 2012

Editing process.

Today in our lesson we have  been able to accomplish a lot. We have speed up some of our footage so that is seems more dizzy and comical, we have also found a way to put our still images on a white boarder to make them look more like snap shots. So far our footage is at a total of 2 minutes 30, so we do need to cut it down by quite a bit. However we feel that  there is some things missing  and some parts can be quite slow and boring so we are going to try and take some more still images to slot into the longer clips and we have also filmed a variety of shot angels that we are importing. We are hoping to get our music onto an MP3 file as soon as possible so that we can match the footage with the tempo of the song.  We have also started to experiment with adding titles to get an idea on which ones we would like to use in the end.

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